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Please, please, the designer of this game, can you also design it for Android?

unfortunetly no. the game engine was too old to have a porting function, and the minigames like the clicker games do not really work on a phone unfortunetly

This is sad. I think it was a very beautiful game. Well, I want to ask you about something about the Town of Femdom game. For example, can you modify it by adding a new location or even a map and making Princess Briayna wander in the market and make her do ballbusting? Or only the maker of this game can do this? What is your answer?

I am not sure, I have never tried it. I am the wrong person to ask that, since it is something I wouldn't do myself and it isn't my game

Well, I spoke to the game creator, but he won't answer me

The game is great! She's perfect! The heroines are bright and charismatic, there is a certain strategy in the game and the choices really play a big role! I seem to have gone through all the endings and they perfectly reflect the characters of the chosen Heroines; I’m also pleased with the references and Easter eggs to the game Femdom City, which is also incomparable and carefully crafted! I want to return to the game again and again!

oh, must have slipped through...but thank you for the comment! glad you like the game :)

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I’m playing latest version of game on windows pc  but don't see any option to save progress. Which key allows you to save the in-game progress? 

you press escape in order to make the menu pop up

Hi thanks for replying, I tried ESC but it just moves to the next screen, it doesn't bring up any menus or options to save in-game progress. Can you please help? I'd really like to save the game so i don't have to start over each time.

you can't save while in dialog or within a scene. you can press escape when you control your character and run around with him

make sure you are in free roam mode and don't have the shift or control key enabled (also make sure the game is properly unzipped).

It is not in the options tab, there is a seperate menu for it. it says "Save". You either click on it with your mouse or you use the arrow keys to get to it

would be great if the “ranch” would be more deeply examined or better even have its own game. You were really creative there. Good job!

thank you :)
yeah a ranch or a farm seems to be a quite popular location demand...

Yes, I meant that ranch location when you choose  to be sold to the ranch girl. 

Ps. What is up with that nun girl? It seems to me impossible to be sold to her, or is it?

she is not available in this game, she can be found in femdom city mantis, another game of mine

When this game come on android?


there are no plans for android for this game. The engine is too old for a reliable might have success with the joiplay app, not sure.

Captured by Dark Elves, Femdom City MANTIS and Shadow over Blackmore are the games in my portfolio that can be played on android devices

I really love your game.Would you please answer me some questions?Where can I find Ashley and take her to Bonnie at the end of the game ?By the way,I really admire mistress Heather and Mary.Do their designs come from real people in your country?

hi there,

there is a file called Walkthrough.pdf that is a complete guide through the whole game and answers all game related questions :)

I ended up doing kinda a review on a few of your games darktoz. I really love your work

Nice, thank you very much for reviewing them :) !

ofc :)

if we are talking about ftishes there should be belly inflation

well if we are talking about the game it is completed, so there won't be any additional fetishes added


hey, I love this game, Just wanted to let you know


glad to hear, thank you :)

I have replayed both this and tournament fighter like 5 times all the way through 😂 for sure top teir in femdom games and just wanted to tell ya in case ya dont hear it enough. Im always looking forward to what you make. 

I reached the day were most the wardens leave but I didn't know how to escape I got a note from Heather  I tried looking in every floor but still didn't figure out how to escape could you please tell me how to escape


there is a downloadable walkthrough on this page that explains everything

oh sorry I got it now thanks for your time and merry Christmas to you

Hi, I have a Mac and for some reason, this game doesn't work with wine. I'm interested in playing your games but I'm not able to. Is there any way that I can play it?


sorry, but I have never in my life used a Mac. I know that some of my community play it with wine without problems, though. you might want to google "rpg maker games" and wine.

thank you

hi im trying to redownload the game because i accidentally deleted it but everytime it reaches the end it says failed forbidden

that doesn't seem like a game related issue, but an issue with either your browser or your firewall.

btw it says "extended ending" for dr.abusen ending. is it keep looping or we need to stand until she says our 6 years slaveness is ended? cuz i seriously want to say "end this madness" now D:

also when i am trying to save the game it gives errors too :/ it resets when I re-open the game also


Have you properly unzipped the game? or do you start it inside the archiver?

i directly start it dammit :/ sorry for the stupid questions earlier. I downloaded walkthrough and i got the game. i think i can do that unzipping part with watching some videos. i loved the game btw, keep goin' bruh!

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there is a walkthrough that can be downloaded right here on this page

I have downloaded asylum and winzip  added the game to ichi and game won't execute. I am so frustrated

make sure you use winrar or another up to date archiver that can extract compact files, unzip the files to the desired location, locate the folder and run the game.exe . it is not difficult

Ok thank you

Hey darktoz I have download the game but its not letting me play i

What is not letting you play? I can try to help but I need a bit more info on what is happening on your side

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I have it downloaded but every time I it launch it just sends me to the game link

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nevermind I got it


hey darktoz can u please tell me the asylum all ending scenes ?

there is a Walkthrough that you can download

from where please link 


AGAIN, RIGHT HERE ON THIS PAGE! says "The Asylum - Walkthrough.pdf"...and you simply click on "Download"...

is the MC male or female ?



ok Thanks

ur welcome ;)

i cant play after downloading the game 😢

you need an archiver to unzip the game folder. like winrar or winzip

I got winrar, but it says file not found when I click on game.exe :(

have you extracted the whole folder?

What system are you using?

yea, and srry but  what do u mean by system?😅

windows 32bit or 64bit, windows 7 or XP or 10 or Android?

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thanks :)

Dear Darktoz, when trying to launch this game from the Itch App. It just redirects me back to this web page. I do not know why. Please help.

It seems I can't install the game actually. Only the walkthrough? Even upon uninstalling?

what do you mean with install? The game is inside a standard zip data. You open it with WinRar or whatever archiver you are using, unzip it, and double click on "game.exe"

I mean that when I am taken to the download page. I click to download the game. And it only allows me to download the walkthrough. Not the game. Returning to the download page while walkthrough is installed, to download the game, results in me unable to select anything. 

After some tweaking around, and installing a 40 trial of winrar, I have managed to launch the game. Will update if anything goes wrong, thank you for the aid.

the trial of winrar usually does not end, even if it says so. just a thing to remember, so you don't pay anything ;)
glad it works

Sex content aside. I think this game is pretty good and enjoyable. It has a story that hooks you up and keeps you playing. Also I am impressed by the creative use of the RPG Maker engine. Good work.

thanks a lot :)

Sorry, in day 4 i can't open one of the rooms.  i'm looking for the key evreywhere but i can't found it. The room is in beside mike's room.  Is  that door can't be opened...??

it can't

does anyone have a way to play these games on Mac, i have tired using wine but doesn't seem to load some of these games?

what do you mean with "these games"?

The Asylum is a RPG Maker Game and usually works with Wine. Other games like Femdom City and MANTIS are done with another engine, so you can't really compare them.

But since you posted in this topic: The Asylum usually works with Wine. At least I have patreon supporters that successfully got it to work, same with Captured by Dark Elves.

Hey when i said these games i meant it more has your style of games and others in a similar genre didn't mean to offend if i have. Btw i've just started using a virtual box to use windows because i enjoy your games. Just finished up with asylum  and going to be moving on to others keep up the good work. 

What kinds of fetishes are available in this game?

Everything that has to do with female domination.

Kind of obvious when you look at the preview pictures, though


Why in day three, i got bug in administration room. if susan and black  give dildo can't stop.


You go through that scene like any other repeatable scene, you hold down ENTER on your keyboard when you've seen enough. That scene with susan and the black rubbernurse leads to a bad ending where you lose the game, so if the bug continues to happen for you for some reason, it's not that bad because you get to a game over screen shortly afterwards.

Hey ''SPOILERS'' i'm totally stuck on day 2 i've talked to mary and i've commited myself becoming her obedient dog pet, Elaine has electrified me, The girl highest up has ballbusted me in the basement where we found jack aswell. Comming back up highest to dr horneys office, i had a talk with her, she asked me if i like pain. Here i'm stuck now, idk what to do to progress, i know that i should get into the archives to have a lovely session with the warden of the showers somehow but i can't find the key and if i go down the basement and venture to far i'll get a bad ending.

I guess you are the same guy that asked on discord, right? The one that missed that you could step outside after talking to mary?

Is there a walkthrough or guide somewhere?

Currently not. All there is is a Walkthrough for the complete 4th day (when you are in the basement). It's on my patreon

is it available for public ?


please link of that post    because    i check your patron and can't find

It is not on patreon. It is right here. There is one file that is the game (I guess you have already downloaded that) and another that says "Walkthrough" and is a pdf file. You simply download that as well.

I know that you make these games on your own, but will this game along with any other of your games be released on android like Captured by Dark Elves? I'm asking because I really enjoy femdom/futa games

Femdom City might come on android, yes, but it's not a given...The Asylum will not come for Android

Glad there's a possibility for Femdom City


I have to look into it.  not many patreon supporters want an android version (I asked in a poll). And the android version of Captured by Dark Elves did not get much support. I guess my audience is usually playing on windows, with very few exceptions...

I hope you're not diverted due to the little amount of support for the android version (I play on android)

Excuse me, does this file contain the content of Dr.abusem's scene of ass worship just like the picture posted beside?

Yes, it does

You rock darktoz, you are a great dev.

thank you :)