The Game is finally complete!

Fetish Stories: The Asylum is now finally complete and can be played by everyone! Yes, 4 free! Thanks to my patreon supporters who made this possible! Now we move on with Femdom City: MANTIS and Captured by Dark Elves. It has been a long journey and the game itself is filled with content. 13 different endings, over 2000+ pictures and way too many different scenes to count.

Long story short, enjoy!

Stay kinky


The Asylum Final Version.rar 729 MB
Nov 12, 2018

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When did you completed this game, I've finished the one like half of year ago. Is there a new one?

this game got completed about 1 1/2 years ago

hello darktoz thx for creating these games 

but when i try to download the asylum my win RAR tells me that the file is empty or damaged

.a litle bit of help please

greetings Gus

make sure you have the current, most up to date version of winrar.

if that is still not working, try another archiver.

hello Darktoz

thanks it works 

very cooool  game by the way

Nice job dev :D :P

thank you :)