Episode 2 is released!

Ok, ok...I know...it took a while. I have been busy finishing The Asylum, making Femdom City, cancelling Femdom City, rebooting Femdom City into Femdom City MANTIS and so on and so on...

But hey, only 5 months later it is finally finished! Episode 2! YAY!

Enjoy on Patreon.com/Darktoz ... or wait a month until it becomes public and free to play for everyone. Your call!

Get Captured by Dark Elves: Arachna's Return [NEW: FIRST ENDINGS]]

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will episode 2 be released on android too i really love this game and episode 1 but i dont have a pc so it would be very much appreciated if you could release it on android too. and good job btw you're killing it

thank you :)

yes, it will.

downside is, you can't use your saves from the old android version.

When will be the episode 2 free to play? I would like to be patron but i dont have credit card or paypal XD

I think like 2-4 weeks from now, not entirely sure