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"Hell is empty and all the devils are here!"

Without any memories how you got here, you wake up in a motel room in Blackmore, a mysterious town of mostly female citizens where strange things are going on. As a woman comes to pick you up, saying that you have been one of a few chosen people who are allowed to work in a place called 'the tower', things start to take its course and soon you find yourself in the middle of an ongoing conflict between the different fractions of Blackmore. You begin to have weird dreams and the women of the town show a particular interest in you.

Will you uncover the mysteries of Blackmore or will you lose yourself in this strange town?

The Shadow over Blackmore is the newest game by Femdom & Futadom Game Developer Darktoz and features a wide variety of mostly optional fetishes, related to Female and Futanari Domination. While being a visual novel, the game also allows you to roam around and interact with the world. You are able to find items, develop your character and decide yourself who you want to meet and who you want to avoid in the game.

You can customize your experience by selecting what fetishes you want to see and what you want to avoid. Keep in mind that while most fetish content is optional, the main setting of the game is still Femdom related and features a wide variety of BDSM themes.

If you have no particular interest in that kind of content, this game might not be for you, and you should avoid it for the sake of everyone. If you are under 18 years of age and not in a healthy state of mind, do not play the game.

The Shadow over Blackmore is available on Windows, Linux, Mac and Android so far.

The mobile version is a bit experimental. The game is optimized for PC/desktop. That might lead to some difficulties, especially with bigger fingers ;).

The game also has a russian translation! If you want to play the game in russian language, select the preferred language in the menu! There is currently a bug where changing the language from the starting menu will mess up the audio.
To avoid the bug either restart the game or change the language after starting a new game (from the game menu instead of the starting screen).

The game is currently at version 0.1.1 - you can play the entire first day in the game plus up to two optional encounters.

If you like this game and want to see the how the story progresses, if you want to be a part of the journey and give feedback and input or just make sure that there will be more content in the future, please consider supporting the game on


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
TagsAdult, bdsm, femdom, fetish, futanari, Horror, Mystery
Average sessionA few seconds


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ShadowoverBlackmore-0.1.1-pc.zip 294 MB
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ShadowoverBlackmore-0.1.1-android.apk 275 MB


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hope new mistress in this game have long nails, good game bro

thank you :)

Just finished the first day great so far when is the next part gonna release 

updates on the progress can be found on patreon.com/darktoz

If I may throw some suggestions.

If the Girlfriend's content is mainly NTR/cuckold i think the best place to be for her is working in the tower and making her more successful than Steven is so much more fun and involved imo.
sucking Sybill's under-desk shenanigans and power abuse ? or surprise cum kiss at work? there are many possibilities in there :D


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Ain't that MC default name? should have just said MC  to avoid confusion .my bad x)

Ah, I see. I thought you meant one of the male npc's from the tower :D

any update on latest version release? :)

updates on the progress can be found on patreon.com/darktoz

Great work as always dark. Still hoping for a sequel to Captured with dark elves BUT this is great. Looking forward to this games future.

thanks :)

Honestly! I can't wait anymore its been 3 months now,  any news mr darktoz?

updates on the progress can be found on patreon.com/darktoz

I don't want burn it I'll see your progress in the game 🔥, 420:69 what do you mean by that Mr


great so far! how much more do you intend to release at one time?


much more


take your time man. You really struck gold here. This is so much better than anything youve done before. as much as i would like to see an update its for the best if you dont rush things

(1 edit) (+1)

do not worry, the release will only happen once there is a lot of new content

Im so hyped

When will be update



I really enjoyed this, I have feeling that this will be best game you as far made. Not only as a result of better engine and mechanical improvment (which look obviously better than you're last game) but also because I'm huge Lovecraft fan and really enjoy dark occult aestetic 
by the way lust from beyond have one chapter that is named "Shadow Over Bleakmoor", I see that as a clear inspiration

thanks! well, as a huge lovecraft fan you know that the title inspiration comes from one of his most famous stories called "The Shadow over Innsmouth", which I am sure Lust from beyond took as an inspiration as well (never heard of it so not 100% sure)

Great game. I think even best game. Hope in future be more futa content

thank you :)

Wonderful game as always, you are the best.

thanks :)

Logged in just to post a comment, ALWAYS a banger when you drop a new game, cant wait to play this one, and hopefully the many more coming in the future!


thank you :)

loved the soundtrack...who is the performer of the let's play hide and seek song?


Ren Cricher

It is composed by the Dark Fantasy Studio

And, this has become one of my new favourite game from Itch, good job

thanks :)

Amazing job. Waiting for next update

thank you :)

Itch has comments? I guess, I'll create an account and give you praise because I'm amazed at how there is a femdom (!) content creator who goes for a year after year (!) without getting worse but instead getting better (!). My two kopiykas - what I hated in Mantis, Mistresses of the Forest, Femdom Town, or those text-based games with sex fighting systems (and, conversely, loved the opposite in Slave High or Android Life) was that there was grind - namely, a gameplay loop that turned lewd scenes into a mechanical click-fest. Simply stated, in my view, the game should not turn its femdom content into busywork, and instead reward it for the choices the player makes. (Although Mantis does try to skirt around this issue by giving the player both the money and relevant character-developing scenes, in Uptown.)

Other than that, this is shaping up to become a masterpiece in every single category imaginable. Hot renders, character psychology, internal logic, captivating plot... I should probably join your Discord (2 years too late) to see some real critique and the nitty-gritty of game development. (Inb4 people there beg for maledom or more futa, breaking my heart.)

Regarding the dialogue options - I didn't notice they influenced anything at all, acting more as an irrelevant distraction from the scene? And I just noticed that Vivian has a feminisation scene on this page - was it not in the demo? (I feel an urge to whine that there should be a feminisation-free Vivian route, I should stop.)

And for the final note, that scene in the office captured and transmitted so well the feeling of real-world anxiety I myself had a chance to experience when dealing with a dominant female once, it's incredible. So yeah, psychology and character traits are apparently important to me, autism notwithstanding.


you mean the dialogue during lewd scenes? they change the scene from time to time, like tara in the footworship scene or alice slapping you when talking too much, but not always. it also serves as a function to go at your own pace. you can stay and go through the options as long as you want or you can decide that you've seen enough and move on.


Vivian is best girl . I have spoken




Can't wait for the next version .....

By the way Thanks for this work 


glad you like it :)




Wow! This is like the perfect game! Femdom mixed with Vampire the Masquerade and Sardax! It cannot get any better! Great job!


thank you :)

(1 edit) (-2)

I totally love your work, you know I do, but some things on this game are off..

for instance, why is the half of the screen just menu ?! I don't get it and it's distracting to read something on the panel to the right, when the action is on the left side of the screen.. this, in a way, is ruining the experience, because it's distracting..

scenes are great, but the sounds of blowjob, cumming and pounding ass are too quiet.. but I love options for talking during scenes.. it open ups more opportunities to build some kind of relationship or trust/distrust between characters.. having the option for good and bad response would be great, but that's your call.. right now the options are pretty blunt, but I trust in your skills, you'll made them great.. oh, and also the sounds of cum or pounding ass are too quite..

and I like that characters have some sort of unique behavior, but when it comes to the action, they all act the same :/ I was really perplexed by Jinx, she striked me like not much talk, more action, but when we started, she talked and talked and bragged and dominated, I totally didn't expect this behavior from previous talk with her, it was weird.. I guessed her would be like natural domina, like here's my tool, you know what to do, just do it and thank me afterward.., but honestly, I don't want to sound like I complain, just letting some thoughts out of the system.. btw: I was really disappointed, that she doesn't make the MC swallow that cum from condom, that was missed opportunity :)

one thing I have to complained about though, there's way too many text.. it's more texts then scenes, total opposite of the MANTIS and if this game wasn't yours, I would quit it after a few texts, but it's yours, so I kept reading and reading, just because I love your work, but it was hard to done it.. I was way too bored to really enjoy the action.. I don't think that much text is needed to explain things, to make scene better or move plot forward.. it's overall a bad design, because game mechanics, scenes and plot should be self explanatory from the actions we are see in the game..

I hope you can do something about that panel and reduce the amount of text.. and I'm really hoping that you finish the MANTIS, because that's the masterpiece for me and I want to see, how things will played out.. I will looking forward for next updates for this game and of course for MANTIS as well :) and sorry for complaining, don't get me wrong, I still love it, but these things bothers me about the porn games overall, so I better to write them down as constructive critique, but it's up to you, what you will do about it..


The side panel will stay as it is. It might be personal preference but the screen not only helps to keep the file size down but also makes the animation videos possible. I personally like it and it is well received by my supporters.

I will keep the sound in mind and see what I can do in future updates.

And what will also stay as it is: the story. It might be boring text for you, but there is a story between the lewd scenes happening, a story that needs time to be told and to unfold. So that you will have to read text between the scenes...that will continue.

For MANTIS vs Blackmore: There are regular polls happening on my patreon, so you can help decide on what will get an update next. But the first poll already ended and Blackmore got voted by the majority

I thought you want that panel like this, but if you have a technical reason for it, then ok, I can respect that.. it will be distracting though, because action is on the left and the text is on the right, just so you know about it..

I don't mind great story or long texts, but quality over quantity.. wouldn't be possible to make an option for less text ? like in Fallout 2 (verbose/brief) ?

ok, I see, one voice is nothing, so no more MANTIS, I guess.. after more than a half year of waiting, this is really sad :/ at least we have a new game..


Oh, I wanted the panel to be like this, don't get me wrong. I love the user interface. Like the old dungeon crawler type of games or even newer games like disco elysium. "Just so you know about it" - sounds a bit like you make your personal preference sound like facts. the interface got tested with my audience.

And yes, there is already an option implemented that lets you skip text. If the text bothers you that much, just press "control" or the skip button. it skips the text just like it does with Femdom City. That means you will miss the story and the context but you only seem to be here for the scenes so that should be no problem for you.

I could go on on what supporters decided for mantis but you seem to try to fish in the dark here anyway. So if you think that it means the end for MANTIS it might be time for you to move on


"sounds a bit like you make your personal preference" - it's just an information about how I feel about the panel.. I'm a programmer and designer, I kinda solve this stuff on daily basis.. this panel, I'm not used to it and I find that bottom part very unused.. I expected to press "H" to hide it, but it doesn't work as I expected, so I just let you know what I think about that panel, but decision is on you, not me and if you like it, I can't change your mind and I'm well aware about that, so I would never even tried..

I know about skipping text, but you missunderstood me.. I wanna read and understand the story and I even like it so far, just don't wanna read a book, but rather less text if possible.. I really love your work, not just because the scenes, I very admire you work on dirty words and your skill to unfold the story.. I even laughed on some reference on the old games of yours (imaginary wolfs) :) It just.. I understand things very quickly.. when someone says something, I need like half of a sentence to understand where he/she is aiming with that, so when I read something and it's like 3-4 sentence about the same thing, I'm little bit annoyed by that.. like if I was dumb or something and I need to be explained things 3-4 times to actually understand that.. that's why I would much appreciated to get a brief option, but I'm not demanding or anything..  it's just an information, if it's possible, then I would appreciate it, that's all..

"you seem to try to fish in the dark here" - no, that's not it.. I'm really interested what is going on with MANTIS and when will next update came out, but it seems logical to assume, when people deciding what they want, they always want something new.. seeing the new stuff, it's hard to believe, that someone would put MANTIS over Blackmore.. if you have a plans to continue on MANTIS, then pls throw me a bone, I'm really interested ..

and pls, I'm not a simpleton and I'm not hateful person, I'm pretty civilized.. I really appreciate what you're doing and I really love your work.. I will read a book, if you decided to continue in this pace, I will be annoyed, but I will not quit and I'm not gonna mention it again..

> "Like the old dungeon crawler type of games or even newer games like disco elysium."

You clearly took inspiration from Warcraft 2.

Me not that kind of Orc.

I for one do love a UI that doesn't put text on the image, quite neat, and the square image shape to the left is a nice throwback to the 1024x768 monitors (I should stop with the 1990s innuendos). I can now make screenshots without having to press H every time!


This is by far your best game yet imo. I can't wait for future updates!


thanks :)


Cant wait to see more! good luck with the production, love your stuff!!! graphics dont look cheap like many other games, lots of choices, just awesome!

thank you !


Another masterpiece by Darktoz. Really improved since the first games, and I'm excited to see where you're going!

thanks for the feedback :)


Your games make me horny hun. Btw when will u complete de femdom city? I cant wait for ur updates*-* 

Jinx such a nice character

although half of her dick texture looks stretched, 

also, will this game contain cucked by a futa or not?

most likely yes, but I don't promise anything ;)

por favor me diga que tem trans e femboys

noted :)


This is horror....enough internet for today


add adult as tag


The artwork in this looks very good compared to your previous games. Will definitely check this out. 



Captured By Dark Elves. Absolutely Mother Fucking Fantastic. If this game is 1/2 as Awesome you could earn a small fortune over time I would think. Futanari is Awesome. I like the motion you had and first person when sucking. 

thank you :)

Unfortunetly I think you overestimate how much money you can make with femdom themed games. Trust me, I've been doing these games for a while now


one of the best femdom game please add more heavy femdom

thank you :)


I am only here for the shemale scenes

Oh, there is more to come, do not worry ;)


Will there be gore scenes ?

has not been 100% decided yet

OK thanks for your answer