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Update: 0.3.5c is released to the public! Memory room is now available!

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"Hell is empty and all the devils are here!"

Without any memories how you got here, you wake up in a motel room in Blackmore, a mysterious town of mostly female citizens where strange things are going on. As a woman comes to pick you up, saying that you have been one of a few chosen people who are allowed to work in a place called 'the tower', things start to take its course and soon you find yourself in the middle of an ongoing conflict between the different fractions of Blackmore. You begin to have weird dreams and the women of the town show a particular interest in you.

Will you uncover the mysteries of Blackmore or will you lose yourself in this strange town?

The Shadow over Blackmore is the newest game by Femdom & Futadom Game Developer Darktoz and features a wide variety of mostly optional fetishes, related to Female and Futanari Domination. While being a visual novel, the game also allows you to roam around and interact with the world. You are able to find items, develop your character and decide yourself who you want to meet and who you want to avoid in the game.

You can customize your experience by selecting what fetishes you want to see and what you want to avoid. Keep in mind that while most fetish content is optional, the main setting of the game is still Femdom related and features a wide variety of BDSM themes.

If you have no particular interest in that kind of content, this game might not be for you, and you should avoid it for the sake of everyone. If you are under 18 years of age and not in a healthy state of mind, do not play the game.

The Shadow over Blackmore is available on Windows, Linux, Mac and Android so far.

The mobile version is a bit experimental. The game is optimized for PC/desktop. That might lead to some difficulties, especially with bigger fingers and small screens ;).

The game also has a russian translation (also french for the early days)! If you want to play the game in russian language, select the preferred language in the menu!

Update: The game is currently at version 0.3.3b - ending at day three and featuring multiple big side quests! Your old saves are buggy unless you had the previous up to date 0.2.3b version!

If you like this game and want to see the how the story progresses, if you want to be a part of the journey and give feedback and input or just make sure that there will be more content in the future, please consider supporting the game on


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(160 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
TagsAdult, bdsm, Femdom, fetish, futanari, Horror, Mystery, Point & Click
Average sessionA few seconds


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Your games and artworks have such a unique style and feel to them. The mix of darkness, eeriness, sexuality, and general atmosphere is something special. I find it genuinely admirable from a creative standpoint. First time I became a patron for (mostly) one single game, but definitely worth it. Best wishes, mate! 


thank you so much for the compliments and for the support, it is much appreciated :)

love the game! the best femdom game i've ever played. this game deserve to have more audiences! i would like to help translate the game into chinese for free. Chinese subs need this game!!

thank you! that is great!
RenPy actually has an inbuilt translation system so it is easy for translation

is the countess and some of the others only to going to be bad endings cos i really like to know cos it would be sad if they are

I think a good ending will only be if you escape, it's logical)

I love the game, especially its story. Sometimes it gets complicated for me since I don't know English and the translator doesn't translate very well. I hope the project continues and I can see the other girls.

Gracias Darktoz 

thank you, glad you like the game :)
there was a spanish translation planned, but unfortunetly the guy who offered to translate has never reported back :(

Best 18+ game I've ever played, looking forward to day 4

thank you <3

well i do hope we get to se countess and not only in bad ending it would be sad to se ;) i dont mind the bad endings but i do hope to se them outside of bad endings ;)

hello dark first i would like to say what game i just played your game and its 10 out of 10 femdom what a great game

i do like to know what are your plans with pony woman or will she be part of the bad ending and are some of the woman going to only part of bad ending? and if so i do hope the other woman surely will be alot of fun but keep up the great work



not sure yet, but the countess is definitely going to get at least one bad ending ;)

well i do hope we get countess  outside of the bad ending

I've played up to the end of Day 3 of 0.3.5c.  Fantastic game so far !  I am anxiously awaiting further chapters. 

But meanwhile I'm going to go back and make different choices this time.  (I've only seen one of the "bad endings", Spider Death.)

glad you like it :)

will the nuns and some of the others only be part of bad endings or will they be part of the story you will meet them late on outside of the bad endings?

that depends on what the patreon subscribers vote for

Excuese me, Mr. Darktoz, 

I have downloaded the latest version, but I just stuck in the dream of day 3. 

After I finished the dialogue with the "angel," she just pushed me out. Then, it ended with "to be continued." 

Do I have any way to solve this problem, or I actually miss something?

to be continued means the game is not finished. it is 0.3.5c which means it ends atm after day 3

i wanted to do the human toliet stuff but poo is a hard no,  is there poop in game ?

should i keep it off?


there aren't any poo scenes in the game


Yeah !

I'm really looking forward to the episode about the pony farm, I really want to sign a contract with them :)

pony farm seems to be very popular...

(1 edit) (+1)

i wanna say this is one of the best femdom games ever but also i wanna know if you going to put on steam at some point? also will some of the woman only be part of bad ending like the nuns or late on the game will we have things to do with them?

(1 edit)

thanks! i think i will put it on steam once it is done or once it is past 0.6-0.7 or so...we will see

(1 edit)

If you are going to put your great game on Steam, please check the option here on Itch.io to include a Steam key when purchased here. Unfortunately german Steam users (and some other countries) are left out to buy adult/nudity games on Steam if they have no ratings for Germany on the Steam Shop page. 

aye thank you for your amazing work !! it's awesome, can't wait to chech it out. i was just wondering if it was still not possible to have the game on ios ? too much extra work ?

you mean for iphone? apple is not in favor of nsfw app games

yea for iphone ? not in favor but is it impossible now ? you used to do it before with your last game i think right ? then you stopped. actually i play on android when i can but it'll be great if i could switch on ios tbh. lmk 


i never had any games made for iphone. ever. the problem is apple and its closed environment system and app store

oh yea i get it, ios is quite annoying with his system i understand. aight thank you anyway and keep up your work it's really good 馃檶馃従 (especially foot fetish and futa lol)

Tanks for the update. Looking forward to see what you added.

thank you :)


This is fantastic! I love this game! So great to see a new update!

...So, when are you going to finish FemDom City?


when the shadow is moving under the dead tree


Dear Darktoz, I really love your game锛両 want to know when the content of the fourth day will be released 锛宎nd I don't know how to unlock the content between sondras boots and demon game in the memory room (it's on the third day), I can't find it. Thank you.


the demon scene alters whether you have a chastity device on or not, you have to play both with and without chastity to unlock the scenes in the memory room

is there a pony episode in version 0.3.3 or only in 0.3.5?

the only current pony content involved is when you meet the countess. there is no pony episode

Deleted 33 days ago

Hello mr darktoz

the game will end on day 4, is this game continuing?? and when will it come?


the game won't end on day 4 and will be continued

For me, it finished on the 4th day, but it writes on the screen ( to b contacted)

what is the problem??


this is version 0.3.3. that means the game is not finished but a work in progress. So "to be continued" means exactly what it says.

if you want to keep up with the progress and get newer versions early you have to go on patreon.com/darktoz

(2 edits) (+2)

Dear Mr. Darktoz,

Please let me express how much I appreciate your truly unique work for SoB. The setting, storyline, character design, all of it is a real development in terms of quality and genius. I made this account specifically to compliment you on this piece of digital art. It may not exactly be main-stream (*g*), but it's certainly a hidden diamond.

Apart from the multi-layered story (and the meta-plot reveal we could already see a glimpse of towards the end), also the "bad endings" are both entertaining and a little but mischevious. Pretty neat ideas there; Elite Hotel is a favorite currently. The ones which feature a more developing approach (with multiple steps) are beyond any doubt the best. Logically, I'm hoping for an interesting multi-step ending with Caterine von Ark or the Pony Enterprises. Or the desert. Hell, anywhere. :)

I occasionally found myself deliberately moving towards these "game over"-story-sidelines. It's like the typical 80s / 90s games, where you would take a game over screen and appreciate the attempt and felt motivated to start over...something of an interesting design choice alternative to many modern approaches.

On another note: You're always asked in the forums when a new version might be released. From my personal experience in project realization, please consider this polite advice: Take more time. Take more breaks. People on the web will always push you towards date points. Ignore it please. If you were to take 6, 7 or 9 more months, in the end it would be worth it for sure. (And certainly don't open up private communications channels to "special entitlement" individuals like Abo. The post history speaks for itself.)

Lastly, I hope you're feeling better and have a good year ahead of you personally, and the many potentials / days / stages / characters for this amazing artpiece. Simply put: Thank you for your work and everyone reading this: Check the Patreon!

Oh, btw.: Bellatrix deserves anything we can give. Including a blood contract. :)

All the best!

Thank you so much for the positive feedback! Glad you enjoy the game!
And this might be some of the best advice for me that a user has posted :)


Could not have said anything better myslef.

How are you, gaming producer? Thank you. I am looking forward to playing the new update. When will the new version be downloaded? Is it a game for Android?

the new version can already be downloaded on patreon.com/darktoz

android as well

Fine, thank you

Hi i would like to know if we can disable futa content or at least avoid it, thanks :) 

yes, you can
there is a slider on the first day where you can determine how much futa content you want to see
just set it to 0 :)


Thanx u for all ur work. Its the best "shit" ive played in years!!!. 

Im was not so into visual novels but this was great. Cant wait for new version.

And what song is playing on main menu?


thank you!

It is the aged tree by dark fantasy studio

Having trouble downloading this for OperaGX, went onto Google Chrome and worked fine, just pointing it out ^^. 

Down below is the error message:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.



<Message>Request has expired</Message>


Sorry, but I have zero experience with OperaGX. I had to google it to even know what it is, so I can't say why it is making trouble

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How many days are you guys planning on developing? This game is awesome. cant wait for the game to be complete. Do you have any time prediction of when it will be finished? :D


hi there. It's not you guys ;) ... I am a single person developing it. The plan is having between 10 and 14 days plus a lot of side quests
there is no time prediction, this game relies on patreon supporters and that support determines how much time I can spend on creating it


oh nice man! You have done a great job so far! I will definately support as much as i can


got you man just supported you at patreon


thank you very much, sir <3


loved it, can't wait for the next update


thx :)


How are you? Now I need your help with this game as well. I have reached the third day, but when I get to work and try to spy on the manager鈥檚 room, the only thing that ends up happening is that I go down the elevator, Spider-Man. I don鈥檛 know what to do to continue.


if you want the easy solution and you haven't collected any items then just go collect the list without clicking on anything else (just click to progress into the dark) and when you have it immediatly start to run to the elevator without looking back


Thank you, as I told you, I play it on Android. I will try to do it, but I don鈥檛 know how. Do you have a telegram so we can talk there?


How are you? It worked and I escaped. Thank you, but unfortunately I got stuck in another very difficult one. When I press the white circle, I sleep on the fourth night and the game ends with the girl who appears in my dreams. How should I escape from her?馃槄


How are you? It worked and I escaped. Thank you, but unfortunately I got stuck in another very difficult one. When I press the white circle, I sleep on the fourth night and the game ends with the girl who appears in my dreams. How should I escape from her?馃槄I think the game is over when you add another update to it. To continue, remember and tell me please


Bellatrix is awesome <3


she is :D


Your game is awesome! You're an artist!

Looking foreward buying the final version somewhen in future.

Kindest regards,



This game is great, its like Vampires of the Masquerade femdom /futadom style.


glad you like it! :)


Very nice discovery! I can't wait to see what happens next.


thx :)


When do you think there will be a new update? And another question... if I spend money on the game today, will the other updates be included?


thank you so much this is nice femdom game hope to see more pegging in your upcoming femdom games. also i love the mix pro wrestling in the femdom game can we have it in upcoming femdom games.


thank you :)
well, you never know what happens later in the game ;)


all right my sweet friend


that's special code for: stay tuned, you'll probably see this but he doesn't want to spoil the story lol. these themes are in the Femdom City M.A.N.T.I.S. game by darktoz :)


Best game ever loved it , thank you :)


glad you like it :)


I'm really enjoyed the last update! What program are you using for  models and backgrounds?


Thank you :)
Daz3D and photoshop


Thanks for you answer! Quick question, are you planning to add a character for ballbusting? I notice every character as a "fetish trait" so I was wondering if you got planned one even for bb


I couldn't find it in the game / the credits wouldn't load; what's the menu song from/by?? i really love it so much!!


here you go:
you can also buy it from the unity asset store


Hey really enjoyed the game so far do you have a rough date for the next update


no. updates and progress talk can be found on


Hi! This is really a great game! I had such a blast and some very good laughs. I'm really looking forward for more! I must stay, that day 3 feels like the game almost is at its end. But I seriously hope there is so much more to come! :) Well done!


thank you :) ... i think there's more to come ;)


Really great game i got absorbed into the story and i love bellatrix she is the best i like her design and how she treats ur character   


thanks :)


hey man , love your game , I been playing since the elf one , is kinky indeed ... regard to this game I have question ... So... if I pick no futa mean the game modified all futa to normal woman or it get filter out , so I can't meet some of the character 


it mainly gets filtered
there is currently one encounter where a monster girl gets altered to a monster futa if your score is high enough
the game is in an early state so more altered encs might follow


Understood , thanks for the reply in such short time  , keep up the good work , love your game  

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