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where are the save files (apk)

in android? i don't know, inside the app?

Is there is a chance that if I have sex with another slave the dark elves catch us and punish me I wish it could happen


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I suddenly got random battle in the first episode without mining is that normal?

no, but it is possible. very rare to happen, though.

the game is perfect from all sides story graphics sounds and fetishes the only thing the game lacks is the ability to level up all the skills like you have to choose I wish the character will get the ability to spend skulls for a level up or something that makes the task of reaching a new level a little bit easier 


So the MC is male only ?


The game is absolutely awesome but please tell me the rest of the endings are coming soon I couldn't choose to go with any dark elf other than Elorae I also loaded my save and went with Grishna the game is awesome thank you so much for creating such games

thanks, yes other endings will come, but it will take some time

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I have played the game and it is fantastic. I know it is too much to ask for but have you considered punishing  Mother Valyrr Bavaeleth in a submissive scene as you have shown her rivalry with Talice... Also I have not encountered any (sex or domination) scene with  Mother Valyrr Bavaeleth though it was a small talk with her in the game. 

I know its your story but its just a suggestion to add her scene. I appreciate your  hard work and this is the best game on bdsm I have ever played

Please tell us when should we expect the next endings!!! keep up the good work..

Thank you

Valyrr won't have any sex scenes. I know this is an erotic game and you guys want to see sex, but it is not how I designed the character. You got enough other dark elves to "romance", she won't be one of them.

For updates on the progress of my games, you can check

um two question (sorry for bad grammer ) im in middle of the game and um i grind alooot of rocks , the question is...  if i mined all the rockes will i be able to satisfy all girls or it's limited to reach a level that i will satisfy two or 1 girls only ? 
2nd question is there a new game + ?
darktoz this game is actually pretty good the character are drawn and its suuuper epic game tbh 

if you mine all the rocks, train a lot in your cell and do everything else you will be able to please ALMOST all the girs, but you never get all the skills. You always have to make a decision, especially Level 3 skills.

A new game+ is an option, but right now I can't tell for sure if it is going to come.

and thanks

Two questions Darktoz, and I apologize in advance seeing as you've likely gotten them before, possibly many times.

I do not have a windows laptop, so I'm wondering if you have any plans of developing a Mac version? Although I'll admit that  that may prove to be a waste of time unfortunately, seeing how Apple is shutting down support for 32-bit apps with their new system updates. In the meantime though, I'm trying the android version.

You posted (somewhat of a) a guide for how to edit the game's code in your walkthrough, but is there a way to do so for the android version? Because I've tried and it doesn't seem to work. If not, would you consider putting in optional cheat codes for players who wish to enjoy the sex scenes without the game being such a grind-fest?


A mac version is not planned. It requires a mac os pc or laptop and I don't have one, at least not at the moment. Apple is not only shutting down the support of 32 apps but now requires to signature every app you make so they can decide to shut it down themselves. Bad business for indie devs, especially when it is a nsfw game.

However, you can use an emulator like Wine for example to play it on Mac. I have no clue on how it works but some of my supporters use it to play it.

There is currently no intention of improving the android version further, giving it optional cheat codes or anything.

I'm in the middle of the game, so forgive me if I discover the answer to my own question later on. Do you plan to add a New Game+ to CbDE? I find the grind to level up and learn the nessessary skills for events, to be tedious. In chapter 1, I ran out of rocks mine and enemies to fight; and just did a lot of End Day and train to reach level 10.

it is certainly an option. I am thinking about it but have to see if that is implementable without making old saves unusable, but the reality is that this game was always meant to give you difficult decisions skillwise, so that you have to choose a certain skillset and cannot please everybody, especially in later levels and events.

This game is awesome , hope more and more coming soon , so far my favorite from your projects 

thank you :)

hi bro i downloaded the game however when i try to start it says "reference error fps meter is not defined" what should i do?

try reinstalling and unzipping it with the newest version of winrar


it worked ty

hi, sorry for my bad grammar,  i have a little problem, when i want to play the game there’s an error message that says failed to load the audio file. and when i tab the retry button i will appear again a few seconds later. I can play the game in that gap but it’s so annoying to tab it all the time. Please help me. and by the way I’m playing it on a windows 10

have you properly unzipped the game with an archiver like winrar or are you playing it inside the rar file?

I opened the game folder in winrar and clicked on the game.exe file and after some extracting the game start but the audio errors appear. I followed this path for femdom city and asylum game and it worked 

You should not do that for any game.  .rar is a packfile that minimizes size. You take the folder inside winrar and then unzip it to the desired location on your pc. for example c:/games/capturedbydarkelves

and then you play it, do not run games inside the archiver. hope that helps


this game hosted on an incompatible third party website !!!!!!

this game is hosted on one of the biggest and well known filesharing websites,

that is because the game is larger than 1 gb and has so far refused to give me more filespace.

please don't talk bullshit about incompatible just because you cannot figure out how to download a file on

it is now hosted on since they granted me some extra space btw

Hi can you tell me what is requierd skills for other mistress becuse its impasibol to satisfy all of them

please will u tell me how many endings you have planned ?

Darktoz, hope you are safe and in good health given the current scenario. I do not know where you are from or what's the situation there, but stay safe.


Thank you, you too!

Hey my favorite developer, 3 weeks passed and yeah, I'm still waiting for new version with endings on your site. Can you give me the exact date of it coming?

It's online

When will version with endings come out for free users?

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3-4 always

darktoz when you are updating the game ?

It is updated.
You can get the new version on

for public here on

3-4 weeks, as always

i just finished Chapter one of Captured by darkelves, I really liked it. On your patreon I didn't see anything about it, so I'm glad to see now that there's two more chapters, but how many chapters do you plan to make?

That is weird, because my patreon is full of information about the game and how the current update is coming along. just make sure you check the latest posts and you will know :)

Hey Darktoz, do any of your games have chastity in them? Really big on that kink and was curious if one of your games had it.

The asylum has it. In Dr. Horneys ending. With being locked up, teasing and denial and all the stuff.

My next game has it as well, but I cannot talk about that in public ;)

hey darktoz can u please tell me the asylum all ending scenes ?

I suggest you stop asking the same questions over and over in different comment sections, otherwise I will ban your account

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hey bro don't get rude  im just your fan     tried to become ur patron but my payment mode doest support patron                                                           and don't ban me  u once shared my pic on your twitter that I posted on your Tl    the game was femdom city

That isn't rude and has nothing to do with a twitter post that I have shared (!?). It is telling you how it is going to be. I normally answer every question here or anywhere else, but if you spam the same question multiple times even in different comment sections on my other games (this here for example is Captured by Dark Elves and has nothing to do with the Asylum) you're wasting my time. You could have answered the question(s) yourself by simply looking at the downloadable files.

I can't support you on Patreon, but I can give you a couple donations. I'm on a budget and prefer the "one and done" method of paying. Keep up the good work.

thank you so much :)

what is command remember?  And can we use it on mobile? 

it remembers the last selected attack in battle. not sure if it works on mobile

What is the best way to get xp in the game?

fighting + training in the cell

Hi, "Captured by Dark Elves" is one of the best games I've ever played - thanks for it (payment via PayPal is on the way to you).

I would like, if I may, give you some ideas for the development of this awesome game:

1. in my opinion, Dark Elves need an Execution Chamber in order to carry out death sentences in the most humiliating and cruel way, or even to threaten slaves with it.

2. Khadra may use her magic to shrink slaves down to a few inches and let them spend the night inside her shoe, her pants, or whatsoever, instead of their cells.

3. All Dark Elves and Orcs have perfect bodies - would love to see a chubby Dark Elve or Orc practice some facesitting torture.

4. Would love to see more devices and gadgets in order to increase the humiliation of the slaves (e.g. Smother Box, Smother Harness, Footstool, Queening Chair, Trample Floor, etc.).

5. If you are really bold, you may add some Toilet Slavery to your game - would be quite nice (slaves serve as toilets for their Mistresses).

6. Would also love to see some Spitting Humilation and Humiliating Feeding (slaves eat from the feet/shoes of their Mistresses, or trampled food from the floor, etc.).

But, anyway, no matter if you take these proposals into consideration, I trust that you will continue to do a great job by developing this fantastic game.

Thank you for the detailed feedback :)

Because this is a Patreon supported game (, some things just cannot be in the game, even though I try to fill in as much fetishes as possible. But I am working on this game alone, and making a game is a lot of work. I like a lot of the ideas but in the end I only have a limited amount of scenes that I can deliver in each update :).

i want to know what the end of episode 2 ?

Unfortunetly I do not understand your question. The game already got updated and is currently on the 3rd episode. All the previous episodes are included.

i get it it so nice game i like it and i will wait 4 episode....but skills hard to get as lvl up 

Darktoz, do you plan on making extended endings in this game like the Asylum (Horney/Abusem/the third girl)? Also would be really cool for one of the elves to put you in chastity in their ending.

maybe ... ;)

So irritating darktoz you left me hanging with the ending of chapter 3. Any ways how many chapters are you doing with dark elves game. Just curious.

I'm blocked at cap 3, i can't access at the two superior parts of the map, i don't have the bridge or somewhat to go through the flames. What do i have to do ? Thx

Can we use the cheats on mobile version or is that just on desktop?

I think its just desktop but i wanna be sure you know.

which one? there are no cheats in the game by default. there are some cheat engines and savegame editors for the rpg maker games that work for this game

The github

idk. since the gamedata on mobile is packed in an apk file I doubt that it is going to wor

Hey while the h scenes are happening do i need to wait it out for good ending to scenes or just pressing esc at the start gives you the same 

I know game says it doesnt change but i feel like does just wanted to ask

It doesn't. Like it says in the tutorial.

What changes the outcome is the skills you get with your level ups. Hit escape for the menu and select the "Skills" tab.

It is by the way all explained in detail here, as well as some other stuff that might be useful.

On Mobile how what how do i make scenes go fast? I tried double tap and normal and i still ebd the scene rather quickly

it isn't possible on mobile. that is a feature for the desktop version

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Does this have an impact whether the slave satisfies the reciever? Or does that just depend on the level of the slave?

no. the skills you level in the skills menu affect that.

Where can I get a save. I deleted it and now I kinda need to restart anything.

there are some files shared in my discord channel!

Hi, thanks for the great game and I'm not sure this is the right place to post this but I have been encountering a problem for the android version. During the interrogation after you find the ancient dagger and sleep I get a loading error saying it is unable to load calm_04.m4a . It only occurs after the interrogation scene regardless of what option I chose

 Any help to fix it?

Sorry. Not at the moment, no. It is a bug that occurs on some android smartphones! It will be fixed with the upcoming version of Episode 3

Thnks for this great game.

Are you working on the next update ? Or it's on hold right now..

Hi there,

for updates on the progress please check

Umm could you make it so your character can be forced into a female or some way to change to a female

Not unless I render every picture where you see the body of your character twice (once for the male and once for the female). And that is unlikely...


Dunno if it is too harsh or too radical, but you could add some castration scene(cutting balls or cutting only dick leaving balls). I kind of like this content in femdom.


that is most likely not going to be implemented, sorry

love your game will support soon, i only hope for more nasty options on the futanari side! example if i'am good boy elorae keep feeding me with cum or whatever more nasty.

And if possible some grindy in the sex scenes, not one time and i need to progress to see another new scene.

thx for the game

thank you :)

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