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How are you? Secondly, my friend. I can't believe that you also designed this game. It's very beautiful. I finished it on Android, but I missed something. I didn't know how to make the ogre girl, Grishna, take me in the end. Or za ress. I used to put on the attack word, but nothing happens and they make me choose bitter.  Secondly, the same thing with Samira, but the rest was working. Is it possible that I had to break all the stones?

There is a walkthrough that might help with your relationship goals ;) :

Yes, I read them all, thank you

Deleted 70 days ago

Please can you answer me?

this looks like a malicious link from a third party site! Why do you want to download it there when you can download it on this site? makes 0 sense

That's why I want to talk to you on Telegram. I sent you my name. Talk to me there in your free time, please

Story has promise, too early for me to really comment on it now. 

But been running into the issue of the game freezing on me quite a bit, and without skippable CS/dialogue, it's extra annoying. 

the game shouldn't freeze unless you have a really low amount of RAM. it is a standard rpg maker game, these should run on a toaster

Hard to know for sure, but seems like this problem was linked to playing in full-screen for me. Though, oddly enough, F5 to reset would work on the few cases I tried it.

how do i satisfy Elorae i keep doing it but i keep failing idk why i am failing at how to satisfy her

have you leveled your skills through the menu?

ah ok thank you im been trapped and stairing at the same scene over and over again thank you for notify me for my stupidity this is why ppl like me show read

it seems to me there was meant to have been an ending where you would serve/become the spider God yourself? It at least seems that way when you look at one of the last dialogue options which atm doesnt do anything.

i don't exactly remember since it has been years but afaik you just die selecting that option. which is intended
it was never planned that the protagonist can become the spider god

Is there m/m content?

there is m/m content in two optional endings

will there be continuation? if so, when?

Of the game? The game itself is finished and complete

There will be some characters appearing in Shadow over Blackmore and maybe other future games and there will be some story references, but that's it


I came up with a solution for those looking to use cheats on android. Download the pc version and run it on joiplay, it allows you to change xp for example you can easily get all skills.


thx for sharing :)

Can you explain how to eddit the save?

i think the easiest way is to locate your save in the folder and upload it to saveeditonline

I beat the game already but i want to replay with different scenes cause i cant watch them all and tried installing the cheats but it got so confusing for me, do you think it could just be a file we could download and not do all this unpacking and renaming files thing? i understand if you dont want to

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tq for your hard work , but sorry this not for me,, sorry

no problem :)

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i hadnt checked up on this gem, but when i try to download and unpack it,it doesnt work,even when downloading new rar-opener.

i managed to make it work, the problem had been my data space.

sorry if i butchered anything, english isnt my first language.

no problem, glad it works for you

Idk if yall would ever do this but would yall ever try to implement a cheat mode for the android port.

Thanks you for that game and your hard Work, do you plan on working on other similar titles ? 😊


thanks. I already have multiple femdom and futadom themed games:
- The Asylum

- Shadow over Blackmore

- Femdom City MANTIS

to name a few. You can check or to view them all



hey man
thanks for the game bro
but can you help me ? I keep losing when a sex scene trigger ( I mean i get negative sing) so am I doing smthn wrong or is it cuz am new ?

hey I figured it out I just have to has some skill points 

there is a complete walkthrough on if you still have problems

Deleted post

Yes, there is more than 10 different endings.

You can check the walkthrough on


Haven't played much but I was wondering if you can take on a dominant role in the relationships with the characters or no




Where is the save file?


inside the folder, called "save"

Hello, do not be bored, you can give me the link (cheat) of the game if you have it thank you

either to edit your saves or you download an rpg maker cheat engine like this one:

I wanted to use the cheat thing you suggested it has worked on other games which I thank you for but I can't find where the this game saves its data I use android? Why didn't you add a cheat section whenaking the game? 

Because I am no android developer. I just port the games there, but my games are for PC.

I do not know where the saves are located on android, you might have to google how to extract rpg maker savefiles for android

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how to cheat skill points??

Please tell me

that picture doesn't tell me much. normally you just click one field below you and exit the room. not sure if you triggered the cutscene

which one? The slap one? I did 

so you cannot step outside? what happens when you tap on the last tile? have you tried reloading a save before the dagger scene?

Even if I click on last tile the character stays there looking . I dont have save :( I will try that


Hey there ! I got the dragger ! After that I can to exit the room :( I am on android

I don't understand what you are trying to say, do you mean you can't exit the room? which room? your cell?

there is a complete walkthrough on my homepage that might help you:

I meant the Cave where we mine . You have to be level 4 to break the rock to get to the dragger .I did it but I can't exit from there

Im playing on android, and this error hits up.

Loading error

failed to load: audio/se/kiss%20firm.m4a

after mining in abyss samira takes you to clean torture chambers floor. It works fine until you end up kissing her feet. Then this error pops up. And it keeps popping up for like every 10seconds.

Otherwise great work on the game. Probably gonna need to download this to pc aswell. One of the best femdom games ever!

thank you for reporting!

I will take a look at it!

Lovvvvely game every scene wonderful i like the grinding system Keep up do u have read it page

thank you :)

how do you lauch the game? im used to pc-zip nor rar plz help me 

zip and rar is basically the same. you need an archiver to unzip winrar, winzip and so on

thank you

is there no way to past the first sense i reloaded many times and been messeing with the speed but she never finishes

there is a walkthrough on that i think you should read.

for skipping the scene you simply press 'esc'.

ahh i get it makes sense thank ya

Is the game designed so that you're supposed to minmax certain routes (for example, going all-in on endurance or iron skin) or are you able to max out all the skills?

you are supposed to either min max or get all the skills to like level 2, which is also an option. but without cheating you will not be able to max out all your skills

It is actually possible to max out everything, but it takes a very  long time. Go to mine, immediately go back to cell, train, rinse, repeat.


Is there any way that we can have do every sex scene with every one,after we have completed the game,or we have to play again to see those scenes?Like in other porn games(like summertime)

Once we had sex with a girl,we can do it again anytime.

Or you can add a new option the game,named gallery where we can watch all the sex encounters again

How to increase the speed of animation in mobile?

Cause everytime someone uses me,they are always upset at the end due to ky performance

Is there any relation between the animation speed or they are meant to bhi dissatisfied

AND also i dont know how to satisfy the elves during thier play can anyone tell me?

I just let the anination go for 5 sec and press the 2 fingers on screen and they are not satisfied,am i doing something wrong?

you simply need to access the menu, go to the tab "skills" and select the desired "pleasing" skills.

that is all explained in the tutorial text as well as the walkthrough by the way

I was hopping that I get a feet worship scene with shyael in the ending but sadly it didn't happen are you going to make a sequel of the game because if you do I hope we get to see shyael again and submit to her

What is the character level cap in this game?

this  game has ballbusting too?



did anyone have trouble with save files

what exactly? using save files that are not your own? that can be a little tricky since you have to save ingame first and then replace files...

...or with saving in general? because there never was an issue

How to "...Unite with Arachna"?

Nothing happens when I choose it at the end. A repeated selection cycle is simply triggered. I have not fulfilled a certain condition?


there is no unite with arachna ending

Clear. But why, then, is there this non-working Option?

the option IS working, unless you have an old version or for some reason failed to update to the newest version.

but the option leads to you being eaten by Valyrr.

Gold. I messed up. Thx

Great game, any plans  for a sequel?


sort of...;)

i love this game, the story and characters got me hooked. ik u guys just finished up with this, but i would love to see it remastered (the movement during scenes is distracting). if i new anything about how to work on this i would do it for the love of the game


Thank you very much Dark, you're a genius.



What are the most recent update notes?

The prisoner ending path

The Samira ending

the Za'Ress ending

are the last endings that are now available in the game.

Deleted 2 years ago

the game runs fine, has been downloaded and played already for 4 weeks by patreon users.
sorry, but the error has to be on your end. I recommend trying to download it with another browser or trying to use another archiver (7zip or 123zip) instead of the one that you are using.

Deleted 2 years ago

no, the files are the same. they are not provided by itch, they are provided by me. there is no change in the files, whether you upload them on patreon or on itch does not change them.

trust me, if there was a problem with the file, I would know that by now.

When will you release the new update for non-patrons?

I'm waiting alot for the next ending, but couldn't really afford to help you becoming your patron. :D

3-4 weeks

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