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Can we use the cheats on mobile version or is that just on desktop?

I think its just desktop but i wanna be sure you know.

which one? there are no cheats in the game by default. there are some cheat engines and savegame editors for the rpg maker games that work for this game

The github

idk. since the gamedata on mobile is packed in an apk file I doubt that it is going to wor

Hey while the h scenes are happening do i need to wait it out for good ending to scenes or just pressing esc at the start gives you the same 

I know game says it doesnt change but i feel like does just wanted to ask

It doesn't. Like it says in the tutorial.

What changes the outcome is the skills you get with your level ups. Hit escape for the menu and select the "Skills" tab.

It is by the way all explained in detail here, as well as some other stuff that might be useful.

On Mobile how what how do i make scenes go fast? I tried double tap and normal and i still ebd the scene rather quickly

it isn't possible on mobile. that is a feature for the desktop version

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Does this have an impact whether the slave satisfies the reciever? Or does that just depend on the level of the slave?

no. the skills you level in the skills menu affect that.

Where can I get a save. I deleted it and now I kinda need to restart anything.

there are some files shared in my discord channel!

Hi, thanks for the great game and I'm not sure this is the right place to post this but I have been encountering a problem for the android version. During the interrogation after you find the ancient dagger and sleep I get a loading error saying it is unable to load calm_04.m4a . It only occurs after the interrogation scene regardless of what option I chose

 Any help to fix it?

Sorry. Not at the moment, no. It is a bug that occurs on some android smartphones! It will be fixed with the upcoming version of Episode 3

Thnks for this great game.

Are you working on the next update ? Or it's on hold right now..

Hi there,

for updates on the progress please check

Umm could you make it so your character can be forced into a female or some way to change to a female

Not unless I render every picture where you see the body of your character twice (once for the male and once for the female). And that is unlikely...


Dunno if it is too harsh or too radical, but you could add some castration scene(cutting balls or cutting only dick leaving balls). I kind of like this content in femdom.


that is most likely not going to be implemented, sorry

love your game will support soon, i only hope for more nasty options on the futanari side! example if i'am good boy elorae keep feeding me with cum or whatever more nasty.

And if possible some grindy in the sex scenes, not one time and i need to progress to see another new scene.

thx for the game

thank you :)

How do I update the game to the latest version? The current version that I have is labeled as "CbDE Episode 1", and when I install the new version, it's labeled as "Captured by Dark Elves".

I've written a guide for that on how you can update the version while keeping your saves:

I'm on Android and don't have access to a pc, so this won't work for me. I can't even find the game files on my phone at all. I'm not sure if I don't know where to look, or if I just can't access them with just using my phone. Thanks anyways though.

I'm pretty sure that the reason it's not updating the current version of the game instead of considering it a different game is because of the name. If "CbDE Episode 1" was just labeled as "Captured by Dark Elves", then it might update it, but then again I could be completely wrong because I don't know a lot about technological problems like these.

I'm pretty sure the reason it's not updating is android itself. I don't believe you can "update" the android version. At least I have not found a solution on how to transfer the savegames to the new version on android!

The reason I said it was the name was because it's also happened with other apk games that I've played. It can be label as an acronym of the name, and then when it comes to updating to a newer version, the all to be installed is of a different name. I guess I'll just have to save up for a pc so I can update lol

how to save game

press escape, go to save and save.

In the menu there is also the tab skills where you level up! might want to take a look at that as well since it seems like you've skipped the tutorial text

Deleted 1 year ago


Deleted 1 year ago


updates on progress on both femdom city and captured by dark elves are patreon exclusive

Quality game! Has a lot of futanari content in it, but for almost all the time you can choose to ignore it if you're not into it. Happy to be a patron of this game and Femdom City!

thank you :)

On the gay thing, you said your patrons squick over that. Where I come from we have a saying that goes back a long way: "It's not gay, if Mistress orders you to do it." Words to live by.  I could add, it's not female "dominance" if the male enjoys it all or wants it all. That's just dress-up man-servicing. Maybe that's too hard core of an idea?

You are giving the players a choice, which their male slave characters definitely would NOT have. I think that's more than fair. 

I also understand (and appreciate!) that it's a light hearted game and you endeavour to keep your customers happy! :-)

Yes, it's one thing I still haven't decided on. I still have some time on that, so who knows ;)

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Ok so on to my major point 2  - and just for clarity I love the game - the other thing I have trouble with is pleasing the women. I know this has already been called out in your development notes. So let me also point out I strongly support your principles, which as I understand it are, no free lunch (haha!), tough choices, you can't just automatically have them all in your harem with maxxed affection. I totally agree with that. That's sound game design, 'tough but fair', the kind of decision that leads to a stronger game. I also agree with the principle that the women have different likes and dislikes that you need to discover, are differentially easy vs hard to get. And I like the fact that none of this is openly telegraphed or spoon fed, you have or figure it out yourself, eg by failure.

 But so having said that - and this is early days for me, I haven't run through the whole game and I've only really done one run - I think there's a frustrating randomness to the process. I don't mean literally random. I mean that the game doesn't give enough information for the player to be able to plan sexual encounter / sexual training investment decisions, or even learn much from failure of those, in ways that they can effectively adapt to.  Now partly you could say, rightly, that this enhances the realism/immersion of the slave captive scenario. Slave captives don't get advance warning of what their captors want and they don't get to say "ah couldn't we do something else?", let alone "No". So ok that's probably generally right, but it would help greatly if there was a way to obtain hints about the preferences and desires of the women, in advance of them actually doing it to you and you fucking up because you weren't prepared. And I do also agree with you that failure is instructive and failure needs to be part of the experience. But it equally needs to feel like the player has some chance to influence it or try to plan for it and it's not just like it was pure RNG.  Consider that the player has to make a pretty big investment of say 2SP  - 2 levels of grinding - into a skill just to play their hunch of what might work with 1-2 of the women. So TBH the only specifics I would change apart from a way to get more hints, ahead of time, about their preferences, is

- when their preferences are revealed, probably through a 'failed' session, keep those preferences more consistent. I get the impression, and I might be wrong, that what they want is more than 50% likely to change from one session to the next. Rewarding player effort with serial failure and a feeling of no possible influence on the outcome is probably not a good dynamic, even in a game targeted at masochists! :-D

- needs to be clearer whether you take an affection penalty after these failures? I know you discuss this, but to the player (me) the distinction you make between casual dialog and dialog choices isn't clear. Penalty after a first time failure is ok, but I think it's harsh when the woman has increased her requirements for a repeat session of the same act that satisfied her first time, and you still get a penalty because she now wants more. (Maybe this doesn't happen but it feels like it does.) That should be a zero, neutral, unhappy maybe but not a penalty, not a minus, I think. The minus is very demoralising because you got one shot to get it right and now you have gone backwards. It leads to a strategy of, don't approach a woman unless you are now +1 better in what pleased her last time, and even then be prepared for her to want something totally different that you're shit at. 

Thing is, in real life women are generally creatures of habit and what pleases a woman one day will usually please the same woman the next day. Not always but usually. Not a different woman, for sure,  but the same one, usually. Particular if (like a captor) she has no reason to fake it.  And of course there are exceptions and different people and yadda. But it's a reasonable expectation. In this case bearing in mind these Drow girls are starved of cock and quite into sex, and are well aware they have a limited pool to fish in. So I think it would be reasonable for the game to hint information pretty strongly, when what satisfied a captor today was going to be inadequate for her, next time. That's very easy to convey in dialog and gives the player a fighting chance. Then you can have some women (Druuna, Eloara maybe) who are fine with the same thing each time. Others who escalate up to more severe acts - that's pretty normal in life and BDSM. And maybe a few who crave greater intensity on the same act each time. That's cool when it's part of the variety and uncertainty but it's kind of frustrating when it's the standard behaviour. In general I would like to see the women (via dialog, or some mechanic - Talk about others, or Observe) provide hints about what they might want next time. Without making it too obvious or mechanical of course.

In short, after I grind levels in the Zelda Sex-mines I want the chance of me getting it on with my captor to be more than just a crap shoot. Not too much to ask of a game surely? (I mean this shit is frustrating enough in real life right?)

Thanks. Please bare in mind that development notes are patreon only content. If you want to talk about them, please do it on patreon and not on the public comment section on itch. Patreon or discord are better places for that kind of feedback anyway ;)

I think you can pretty much plan your character depending on what you are into. For example the way of pleasing the futanari has been using only the skills tongue twirler and endurance so far. It can't be too predictable, like you already pointed out yourself. But maybe I don't get the point of your argument.

I don't get your request for "keeping preferences more consistent"? Do you mean the characters should only ask for one skill and one specific action? That would be boring.  You get oral tasks done with tongue twirler, most bdsm and pain related stuff with iron skin, all the sweet talking with tongue twirler, and so on. Not sure what you want to change on that.

I had to smile a bit on the last part. This is a game. You cannot compare my version of fantasy dark elves to normal women. I know you want to give feedback and that is fine, but I'm not trying to emulate female behaviour in any way. You are in this mine, you please dark elves, you level up so you can keep up with pleasing the dark elves. Simple, fun smut game :D

ah ok I was not referring to the Patreon development notes, just your comments here on

To try to be clear about "consistency" I mean that the preferences of one character (Talice for example) should be more consistent, more predictable, for future encounters with that same character. But hey, yeah, maybe not, maybe it's more fun to never really know what they are going to demand of you and often fail to satisfy. Maybe I am treating it too much like a game and "playing to win" - I do have that tendency alas.

Ok I have signed up on Patreon, this game and this author both deserve our support.

thank you :)

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(Edited:) Now my major critical feedback, this is the stuff that *might* - *might*- stop me - or some other people - playing the game, or enjoying it so much. 

1 - the mining minigame

First off, as I mentioned in my first comment (probably anonymous?), the Zelda style mining minigame is kinda tedious. I grant you that it does give the immersive feeling of grinding like a slave. Oddly enough it succeeds in that. Even more oddly, uniquely even, in this game feeling like a grind is actually a good thing. But it's very scrappy and clunky. On an Android sized screen the icons are really hard to differentiate. Icons like pots and corpses that are 'containers' need to give a feedback when they're searched after they're empty. I am never sure if I am clicking in the wrong square or the wrong facing. I'm forever routing around and around Khadra's desk when I try to talk to her. It's like the Keystone cops. Routing paths sometimes fail. I trigger repeated warnings from the guards by pathing failures and button mashing. Most immersion breaking probably is characters spawning in unreachable locations that I have to mine to get to. That's pseudo-challenge as well as immersion breaking. There's plenty of reasons to mine, but reaching another slave character should not be one of them - not unless say it was a short cut or for a clandestine conversation. 

Also on the lower levels the drop rate of valuable drops seems to go down dramatically? I assume the drop rate is Luck based so I expected it to go up not down.

Losing everything to the robbers is darkly funny and fits with the atmosphere of despair, but it's also kind of pointless. When you know it's coming it means you have more resources than you can use, and it makes your interactions with the alchemist almost pointless. I would suggest adding some useful thing that can be done with those resources from part 1. Either giving them to people or something, if not actually being able to stash them somewhere. 

It is quite frustrating that there is more or less nothing you can do to influence the monster attacks, apart from stop mining and leave the mine. The battles themselves are tactically very limited, even after you get special attacks, but particularly before. It is frustrating that you can't even attempt to run away or attempt to get help from the guards or other slaves - which could have interesting effects on story and affection. At minimum you need to demonstrate or explain why escape or aid (vs these slow moving creatures) is not possible. Have the guards block your way to "protect the others" and leave you to it, for example. It could even depend on your Affection level with the particular nearby guard (or slave), and perhaps change over time.

There is, TBH, an internal inconsistency between Matron needing the slaves alive and useful and the guards low interest in protecting them that at least needs clarification. We get the impression that the guards are handling the major threats, and as the story goes on we see this more, but frankly the "Darwinist" approach is doubtless their beliefs but it doesn't make sense as an action when slaves are scarce, time is short, everyone wants this over and done with, and the Matron is demanding results not excuses.

Hmm, if guards or slaves would arrive to help after some rounds of combat, that would give value to the Guard action in single combat. Of course calling for help would reduce experience and loot gains, create obligations, lead to punishment and affection loss etc.

1a - Less serious 

Probably the values for Bread and Water (and Apples) should be openly declared. I figured them out by experiment. That's not bad, it's just inconsistent with openly declaring the exact effects of Cheese and Sausages. Declare or don't declare, for all items equally.

There should be more opportunity to use Items (or spend skill points) just before being summoned to the Torture Chamber or arena. Like a "please give me a minute" option. It's a win-win for them if you are properly prepared. 

1b - Other Minor UI stuff

Minor issue, the acronym "SP" is ambiguous, you use it to mean both Stamina Points and Skill Points. Change one of the terms or one of the acronyms.

I am often seeing only the first 3 digits displayed of the "next experience level" part of the XP display, clipping off the last 1-2 digits which makes the information meaningless. If that's hard to fix just leave off the next level value and just show the actual value. There's other places we can see our progress towards levelling.

Man, serious? This guy has over 1000 hungry kinksters to satisfy plus most likely thousands of lurkers that love the game and you are spamming text like you are the most experienced adult gamedev of all. lol. Just signed up and made an account to comment on this: The game is great, it doesn't deserve the wall of complaint from zspikez! Give it a try and see for yourself before you get turned off by his WoT.

Hey, I love the game, and I love it so much I think it deserves constructive feedback. :-)

If the game was bad I would not waste my time giving feedback and would not have signed up as a premium Patreon supporter...

Oh, big flex right there. Yes I just saw the even bigger wall of text below. Next time I would switch the texts so that not every other potential "premium Patreon supporter" is put off by your way too large "List of things that stop me - or other people - playing the game!"

Yes, while the name of the list might be a bit off putting, I think it's important that people give feedback, so I don't have a problem with it. All good, kinkyaction :)

Thanks for the detailed feedback. I will try to give my view on your points.

First off, the game was never optimized for mobile phones...and it never will be. The resolution, the icons, the mechanics of the mining...there is a lot of stuff that isn't ideal for mobile phones. It works better on android tablets because of the size, but even there it has its flaws.

You say that the mining feels clunky on a mobile phone and I can see why, but I'm not going to change the base mechanics of the game because of the mobile port. This game is meant to be played on desktop/laptop, and that is the version my patrons support me for. Making a flawless port would simply take too much of my time and I'm a busy man.

You can actually drop Druuna off at her place. The rock starts to blink once she is with you. Maybe you have overlooked it on your mobile device.

I agree with most of your complaints about the battle system. It sure can be a grind sometimes. The battle system uses an in built engine, so my influence on some of the basic functions are pretty limited. It is how it is, of course it could be better...on the other hand it lets me keep up the pace with the game and is fast to set up. But you are right, in another Game Engine I would have made these encounters very different, not going to lie.

I disagree with most of your complaints about the story. I especially don't get your comments about the robbery being pointless. I think it is a pretty good solution to keep you from hoarding food and water, gearing up and steamrolling through the 2nd mine. I also don't get your remarks about the clarification of the dark elves having to protect the slaves. Even though they don't like it, most of them say consistently that they try to protect you (not all of them, Talice for example) and clear the area off of the larger enemies. Elorae and others often say that they can't help you because they have to guard the entrance or have other tasks. It is also stated multiple times that the dark elves are losing women in their own ranks in this mine as well.

Thanks, that all makes sense.

I do see how the robbery is useful to regulate too much loot etc, and how it provides a useful reboot of the challenge in Episode 2. That is clever.  My point is more about how it affects replayability, once you know it's going to happen. 

But yes it's a good way to reset the level of challenge. 

(2 edits)

Ok so now after the high level positive feedback here is a shopping list of fixes I believe are needed. In no particular order. Most of these are technical rather than fundamental.

'Random' special attacks - on Android at least it's really unclear whether, or how, I'm supposed to target these multiple target attacks.  Given the description being 'random' targets, I'm surprised that it appears that I need to select a target to commence the special attack.  From trial and error that's what it looks like. Like I select one target like a normal attack or single-target attack, then the special attack engages random targets. (Sometimes the same target twice or even three times, which is unexpected and can be frustrating). So this could be clarified better. An issue of explaining the combat UI I guess.

The enemy slowly advances in combat - does this have any effect?

The Guard option seems essentially useless unless you have multiple characters? Even if it wasn't the case that your attack ability exceeds your defend ability, Guard just means you take damage while doing no damage, so it's kind of the same as a "Lose Slowly" option? Still it's in keeping with the game vibe that encourages fearful male/slave behaviour so that's cool. In party combat it's fine.

As mentioned earlier it would be nice to have dialog feedback after combat that actually reflects who did the killing and who took the hits. Filtered through appropriate layers of Femdom arrogance and scorn of course. This could also influence affection/disdain.

It was great to be in combat alongside the Mistresses and see how bad-ass their stats are. I wish I'd seen that before as it really makes them feel scarier and more powerful. Just an idea - the game could begin with a mini combat in which you fight them as a lowly L1 male and are easily subdued. Just to establish how much more physically powerful they are. The artwork and dialogue does a great job of that, but reinforcing that via the game mechanics would not hurt.

A lot of the dialogue options repeat and that damages the immersion in the characters. It is pretty simple to set a binary flag on each dialogue option and turn it off once it's been said. Also, remove the menu item that triggers it. This kind of housekeeping adds polish to the game. Certain phrases will get repeated, that's fine. But even eg the repeated message about being searched could do with being slimmed down after the first time. For messages that are helpful hints, maybe give the option to ask "again", just as long as the game is making it clear it understands this has been asked and answered before.

There are some minor spelling and grammar errors that are slightly intrusive. Ingredients, and Definitely the main examples, and sometimes the wrong preposition. I can proofread all of these if you want to send me the strings file or something.

It would be good to have a key explaining what the different affection state icons mean. I am mostly guessing. It's often unclear if the icon shows her current state, or her *change* in state (friendly to unfriendly). Also, the colour coding on the name, seems to be significant - red blue green grey - what's the significance? (Again I can guess but I hate to have to guess the meaning of a UI feature).

There are some instances of what feels like inconsistent affection state. Eg Astrid gives me a hand job - success due to Endurance - but then won't respond to Talk, saying she is private. While that is a possible personality, it's an odd one, and would probably need more explanation ("just because I wanked you off doesn't mean I trust you with my feelings" or something). I suspect it's a glitch rather than character design?

 I love how their responses depend on where they are, their current duties, and who's watching!

The Dismiss Druuna option needs to be on the dialogue with Khadra to trade, not just with the mine exit dialogue. Also, both of those Druuna dialogues - the Khadra one is very hot! - repeat endlessly. The Druuna - Khadra one in particular should only run once. Then simplify into just a glare and "..." etc.

Druuna's dialog when she begins to protect you for the day should be clearer about how to dismiss her. Her saying "leave me here" is too ambiguous- I was trying to bring her back to her start point and mashing the screen there. She should say something like "we will part when you do trading with little mage girl" or something like that. Bearing in mind that having Druuna as companion totally blocks trading or any other interactions with Khadra. Khadra is hot by the way. And very kinky!

Ok, I'm reading through the 2nd part of your detailed feedback now...again thanks for the detailed feedback. Some things are a bit demanding so I will try to explain that I'm

a) A one man army. This game is made by me and me only.

b) not doing this as a full time job.

While you are saying "Some of the dialogue options get repeated, you could easily just do a binary flag and make different dialogue." I say that it's never just that easy and takes a lot of time. I don't think Elorae needs to change up her dialogue because it ruins the experience when she says "Spread your legs" over and over again. Plus the way dialogue is handled in RPG Maker is mostly through events, and you can't just do binary flags in an event with multiple choices. Of course, you can always have more dialogue in a game. True. But I have to be effective with the limited time I can spend on Captured by Dark Elves. I have another game that I'm working on (a Visual Novel - Raising Simulator called Femdom City MANTIS that can already be played) and I'm learning a new game engine. Time is always an issue.

I think I have stated it already above, but you can dismiss Druuna right on the rock that she's been mining. That rock even starts to blink when she's in your party.

I can't send you the script, since the basic dialogue script is written in german and the translation by me happens in-engine. If you can tell me where you found the typos I will happily fix them :)

On battling the Dark Elves: What if someone just cheats? Something like infinite health, unlimited stamina? Cheating in RPG Maker games is quite what happens if suddenly you defeat one dark elf that you were not supposed to beat?

I totally appreciate you're a part time one man army. The results are impressive! I totally get that you need to prioritize your time and I didn't realize the dialog flagging is a limitation of the RPG Maker architecture. Makes sense. 

I am now incredibly pleased with myself because I suspected, from the nature of the very tiny number of minor grammatical errors, that your native language is German. :-D 

You really are nearly native-speaker perfect, and that's incredible. My German is terrible. Awesome job!

Dankeschön ;)


Is there any way to get a German version of the app? That would be useful for my education. I hate it when I have to do BDSM with German-speaking girls using English. :-D

Unfortunetly there is no german version :(

For the repeating dialog, apparently the technique in RPGMaker is to use a 'switch', basically a global variable. See this tutorial

I appreciate that even this does require writing the replacement dialog to follow on from the original dialog.

I do like the repeated "Spread 'em". :-) However it does not need the prior full explanation of the consequences of the search to be repeated each time. I'm not even sure the player needs a second chance every time as to whether they really want to leave the mine.

I know that RPG Maker is using switches, I'm using it on a daily basis.

Thanks for trying to help me, but sending me basic tutorials for a program that I'm using for two years with decent success now is a bit...insulting, don't you think?

Don't know if you have experience with that engine yourself, but if you do, you do also know that the amount of ingame switches is limited.

You're questioning basic design mechanics like whether the player should be questioned again if he wants to leave the mine or not, but where is that question coming from? You want to tell me that the experience of the game will be better if the player is not asked anymore?

Again, I appreciate your feedback, but you don't need to question every small design mechanic with minor impact :)

Yes darktoz, and while you are at it, please use this tutorial on "how to make rpg maker games for complete morons!" :D

Thanks for turning the public comment section into a mess, spikez! Can't even find my own comment anymore, lol.

I am also liking the fact that some of the Mistresses and female slaves are 'easy' and some are very hard to get. I love the progression. As I move into Chapter 2 , the Matron has my total attention! Though I still haven't cracked the locks of Ka'sarr (?) the pale-skinned one. Challenging and pleasantly frustrating! I also am totally smitten by Druuna, that was really unexpected. I was not expecting a fellow slave to be a female dominant, and just so naturally so. She's amazing. Very well drawn character. I also really liked the joint combat scenes with the Mistresses and with Druuna. It would be nice to have feedback from the women re those combat scenes. (eg I did nearly all the fighting with the Mistresses on Guard, but then their dialogue says I did nothing- fine if that's just them being arrogant and dominant of course!) 

Having got the hang of the controls and played for several hours I can give more detailed (and hopefully more balanced) feedback.

First of all I really like the game, on many levels. The art is great. The somewhat challenging difficulty, while a surprise in this genre, works very well. The dialogue is (for me anyway) the perfect balance between fetishy and funny. The characters have real difference and real integrity, and (so far in the story) appear to be showing progression. Again, very rare in this genre (rare enough in games in general).  So that's outstanding. And taken as a whole, this makes the game succeed as a roleplay of being a slave, vulnerable at the hands of very powerful and quite dangerous female captors. This could easily have been constructed as a disguised "harem game" with a Femdom "skin".  You have consciously and skillfully avoided that, and that is also impressive. 

(3 edits)

I'm stuck as I can't figure out how to select the improved attack (double strike or whatever) on Android in the battle with the crawler. Great game however!

ok right - it's in the Stamina menu - that really makes no sense, but, whatever. 

Similarly you need to say, in the first animation scenes, how Android controls can speed up or end the scenes. I have no idea how to do either, and the two finger tap does nothing in this situation. 

Stamina is the resource that is used in the game for all actions. Not only battle, but also mining. It is represented in the game with the blue bar. Every special attack costs stamina, that is why in the battle menu these attacks are in the stamina tab. If that makes no sense for you then I'm sorry, but that wasn't really an issue for other players. In fact, you're the first one who brought that up.

You can't speed up the scenes in android. The port is kept very simple, it is a basic port of the windows desktop version. The scenes end when you press your finger on the screen. I think every android user is capable of figuring that out. Speeding up the scenes only works in the windows version because of the way android handles input variables.

(1 edit)

Thanks for that clarification. Yes it was clear in hindsight that that's how Stamina works. It was just weird to find special attacks under a menu called Stamina, rather than say, finding them under a menu called Special Attacks and discovering - which would not be surprising - that they consume Stamina.

I'm very grateful the game is starting to be multi-platform otherwise I wouldn't have played it. I think as part of making it multi-platform you will have to remove in-game instructions that are Windows-specific, like the ones that appear on the first animation. I did figure out how to stop the animations but Ialso spent a long time trying to guess how to speed them up. Now you're telling me that's not possible in the Android version, which is fine, but that needs to be communicated. So the hint messages either need to be made more generic, or customised to be platform specific. Again I realise this is the first iteration on Android so it's totally understandable.

I want to say, it's a really good game, not just superficially but it's clear it has proper game design thinking behind it, which is unusual for an NSFW game. Please take this feedback as constructive. 


First of all, thanks for your work, I really appreciate everything that you are doing and it's simply great to see other ppl creating and... "enjoying" art of ... morally questonable context. Talking about y'all, pervs.

I have just one minor problem to report. (possible spoilers of ep.2):

When i touch the 2nd altar the scene with arachna is being played, and after having some of my stamina being drained the whole screen goes black. I see hp and sp bars in top righ corner, I can keep interacting with the altar (the text: "the stone is stil warm..." is being displayed), i can walk around and interact and stuff, I just can't see a crap XD

I have even memorized the path that leads you away from that particual cave section - and I did left it, But the cave with other slaves and elfs is just as dark.

Dunno if it's error on my side or some bug. I am really looking forward to hearing from you!!!

Muchos lovos.
Darkt, may the kink be "stronk" in you!!! 

You downloaded a pirated version! I can't help but feel a bit satisfied that this version got pirated right away by idiots that couldn't even wait 30 minutes for me to fix this gamebreaking bug!

Episode 2 is not released to the public, only patreon supporters have access to it!

Weird, I am pretty much sure I downloaded it from your site (I was also quite surprised that it was already here, but I even saw the regualr "donate - name your own price" tag that I am seeing on your other games.

The question - is there arny other way to support you (and get access to that particual game) than Patreon? I don't mind making one or two bigger donation, but patreon just isn't my thing.

If that is your problem then why don't you just donate through patreon, get the game and ignore the rest of its features?

Patreon is the best way to support me, because of the low cut that patreon takes. Plus it's easy to handle and supports Paypal.

Have some respect the only thing you accomplish by nagging is pissing the developer off it will be done when he finishes it no sooner unless you really piss them off then never because it becomes no longer enjoyable to make when it starys becoming expected remember there doing this on there free time not yours you want it sooner do it yourself or shut up

How is the progress going my good sir?

Updates on the progress are patreon exclusive, sorry

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Hello Darktoz,

I was a dungeon master in the D&D setting for a couple of years.  I read the Drow novels of Salvatore back in the day and collected several rpg source books about the Drow of Menzoberranzan. You did a terrific job of capturing the mannerism of the twisted Elves and their condescending demeanor directed towards the protagonist.

In addition, the kinks portrayed in the game (femdom, foot worship, humiliation, strapon, whipping, bitch slaps) are right up my alley. The atmosphere which includes the music and underdark surroundings and are also good.

The characters depicted in the game are created with love and it is a joy to interact with them. I read somewhere on the interwebz that people complained about the first fight involving the big crawler. I had no difficulties with the critter because I made sure to keep my alter ego in top shape. You even informed the player via one of your npcs that a battle will commence soon, so nobody would have an excuse when he is confronted by the monster.

I especially like  that my choices made during game play have consequences later on. When I snitched about my beatdown delivered by the Princess in the prison cell, she hated my guts. This is good game design. The game itself is fluid and I encountered only one bug that prevented me from eating cheese in the prison complex. Though after proceeding to play the game, the bug vanished.

I chose for my character during the demo only slave skills to please my Dark Elf mistresses as every submissive slave suffering from Stockholm syndrome should do. But to my surprise I didn´t suffer any significant disadvantages while encountering the horrors of the underdark during mining. As a consequence of this, you could make either the critters tougher or increase the price of food/drink because at the end of the demo my character lived like a king having access to multiple  sausages, cheese, etc.

Let´s talk now about your inclusion of Futas in this game. I don´t like this kink but it is not a deal breaker for me because my alter ego has the choice to interact  with these characters during erotic encounters. As long as this concept won´t be changed, there shouldn´t be big problems with the player base. Please bear in mind that the Futa kink is not as widespread like for example a Foot Fetish.

What other femdom games have I tried to judge this game? I played the demos of your other games ("Asylum" and "Femdom City") and Tower of Trample from Bo Wei. I wrote on Lover´s Lab my impression of "Femdom City" by the way. So if you feel inclined there is more feedback for you to read. Though there are two bugbears with your game and that is the absence of witty  trash talk when of the mistresses has her way with the protagonist. Or in a nutshell:

The humiliation/emasculation level is too low during erotic encounters. 

Yes, the Dark Elves are snobby and constantly stress their genetic superiority during dialogue but the combination of the erotic scene & humiliation is simply not there and that´s a fact that I begrudge. In my opinion Bo Wei´s game is superior in this aspect.

The other problem is that the character´s affection is reduced when he interacts/ bothers his captors. That´s a little bit too harsh. I could be wrong with this one but that is the way I remember it. Perhaps the mistresses could give the character a fair warning here before the reduction takes place. I also couldn´t figure out when a Dark Elf is in the mood. Is it a percentage chance whenever you interact with them?

Last but not least comes the grade:

Grade: 8/10

Have a nice day,

Foot Fetish Fan

holy phookin shit

First of all, thanks for the detailed feedback. It always helps a lot.

I try to make most fetishes optional...especially the more specific ones. While Foot Fetish definitely is one of the most common ones, futanari is quite popular either. It is the same with humiliation by the way, so while you say you want more of it, others just don't. It is always tough to find a good common ground where everyone can enjoy his/her favourite fetish while ignoring the ones that are not a turn on.

My version of the Dark Elves are inspired by the D&D drow, but also by the Dark Elves of Warhammer and some stuff I just made up myself, I'm pleased to hear that you like it but they don't have to have all traits of the Drow, like constantly humiliating others. Some characters do have that trait, some do not.

The affection with another Dark Elf is NOT lowered by small talk! It is stated in the tutorial text already. A negative affection button will only indicate that your affection with that dark elf is currently not high enough to get a detailed answer out of her to a specific topic :).

Oh, and before I forget...the requirements for beating the crawler got lowered quite a bit. You're playing the fixed version already. Before that, you did not get a warning and the crawler was a lot tougher ;)

Hi, this game is  great but when i'm having a sex scene  i always fail to service properly the dark elves , how  do i succeed  ?

you invest points and level up your character properly. it is already stated in the tutorial text: Press Esc, press the Stats tab in the menu and level the skills that you need :)

Thank you, i didn't noticed it. Your job is really great i will try to support you as soon as i can !

thank you very much :)

Wow, such a great game . Love it l. Thanks for creating it.. waiting for part 2. 😀

thank you :)

Can't wait for episode 2 as well as any further ones

Thank you. I just finished another game of mine, The Asylum. So I will start working on a new episode soon!

Sounds great!

hey, where can i find the save location for android apk?

Oh, I have no idea. Sorry

hello. Why there is no menu in the android version - save buttons or something else?

hello. please just read the instruction on how to play on android. of course there is a menu

Any tips on how to defeat the crawler? Everytime I try to beat it, I miss one or two times which ends in my death, or don't do enough damage even after I've trained the two nights beforehand.

Simply mine until you are Level 2, get your health and stamina back as much as possible (that means you don't want to train, since training gives you exp but doesn't recover stamina and health) and then use the skill double swift strike as often as possible


What's new in this version?

Like it is already stated above: A complete new Episode!


Well, tomorrow necessarily play a game:3

when is the new update going to be released?

I'm afraid update schedules and release dates are somewhat patreon exclusive ;). All I can say is that I'm currently working on it

your work is so incredible. It will be perfect if you translate the game in french :)

thanks. It will most likely be english only :)

when the next update ? want to play this amazing game more and more <3

Thanks for your interest :). Hopefully at the end of this month, it will be patreon exclusive for the first weeks though ;)

hey i love the game but im playing on android, and in the first sex scene it tells you to hold/tap  the enter button. We dont have enter buttons, and i tried double finger tapping (which is the only thing i could really think to do) and it didnt work. Any advice on how to successfully complete the scene?

You simply press and hold with one finger

I can't wait to play the full version, nice job dev :)

thanks :)

I love all your game

but Dark Elves: Arachna's Return 

   not open(work)  please   check 

You have to help me here so I can help you. What's the error? Do you have problems unpacking it? Then updating your WinRar (or the archiver that you are currently using) might help. The game is not starting? Try starting it in compatibility mode.

I can't help you when you just say: please check! Because I've checked and played it hundreds of times ;)

Deleted 194 days ago

Thank you, and thanks for playing it...did not think that it would be played on youtube :)

Dear Darktoz thanks for this great kinky game . Finished n liked it so much . Looking forward of continue . You asked when your game ending next place and hero . My choices are Abyss and Grishna . When will you make of continue this game ???

Hi there,

I did not really ask for that, it was the foreshadowing of a Patreon Poll where Patreon Supporters could vote on what happens next. That poll has already been done :).

Updates on the progress of the game are patreon exclusive either :) But it's fair to say that I'm working on it ;)

And poll result ??? :) i subscribed yesterday of patreon for you and made a donation too . Waiting your working on it . Please be quickly for episode 2 :) 

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