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I can't wait to play the full version, nice job dev :)

thanks :)

I love all your game

but Dark Elves: Arachna's Return 

   not open(work)  please   check 

You have to help me here so I can help you. What's the error? Do you have problems unpacking it? Then updating your WinRar (or the archiver that you are currently using) might help. The game is not starting? Try starting it in compatibility mode.

I can't help you when you just say: please check! Because I've checked and played it hundreds of times ;)

Deleted 194 days ago

Thank you, and thanks for playing it...did not think that it would be played on youtube :)

Dear Darktoz thanks for this great kinky game . Finished n liked it so much . Looking forward of continue . You asked when your game ending next place and hero . My choices are Abyss and Grishna . When will you make of continue this game ???

Hi there,

I did not really ask for that, it was the foreshadowing of a Patreon Poll where Patreon Supporters could vote on what happens next. That poll has already been done :).

Updates on the progress of the game are patreon exclusive either :) But it's fair to say that I'm working on it ;)

And poll result ??? :) i subscribed yesterday of patreon for you and made a donation too . Waiting your working on it . Please be quickly for episode 2 :) 

Viewing most recent comments 72 to 74 of 74 · Previous page · First page